Friction Pendulum System(FPS)


The Friction Pendulum System uses the isolation pendulum principleby adjusting the radius of curvature of the isolation periodso that the weight of isolated buildings is independent of the set period. Therefor, it can easily and effectively solve light load buildingsand structures where weight fluctuates such as water towersand storage tanks.

The Friction Pendulum System is composed of three parts, mainly consisting of steel. A flat top plate is in contact with the lower concave panel. A sphere that is able to slide (bearing) is between the plates. The areas that are in contact are coated with a material that has low coefficient friction,

The Friction pendulum bearing isolation system will carrythe entire structure. In order to reduce the incoming seismic force the isolated upper structure produces a smaller acceleration that reduces the seismic force greatly.

Characteristics: periodic constant; insensitive to temperature; resistant to torsion; durable.




Specifically in response to light load building

Regardless of the weight of the building, one is able to set the period. A laminated rubber isolator is not always ideal for residential structures, but FPS causes a high isolation effect.

Low cost

The isolation of a building by using this device, is cost-effective, and can be done at a low cost.

Superior durability

Because of its superior durability and small size, it maintains a stable performance. In addition, maintenance is easy, through visual examination.

Practical, high-performance

The installation location of this simple, compact device consisting of an upper and lower surface that slides against each other does not take up too much space. The bearing material (amongst others, stainless steel) of the FPS has proved to be weather resistant and durable. To ensure continued isolation function, maintenance management is simple, easily done by visual inspection to ascertain the functional state of the FPS.

FPS - The pendulum seismic isolation principle is simple and clear, and with the combination of materials and technology it is the most economically efficient way to achieve isolation in order to protect people and buildings from an earthquake disaster.


½ reduction


Earthquake vibration simulation platform


Isolated benefit assessment

Shaking table test El Centro, PGA =1.0g