Company profile

New Control Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, mainly involved in providing energy dissipation-isolation systems and intelligent monitoring systems for structures. Our technical team consists of a number of structural engineers, civil engineers, and architects. R & D structural isolator and dampers building materials. In addition to intimate knowledge of the Taiwanese geological structure, we also learn from the experiences of and apply the standards followed in Europe, America and other advanced countries ,so that we can provide Taiwanese buildings with tailor-made actuarial R & D, of the most advanced shockproof quality.

To ensure personal safety and reduce property loss, our company not only provides the most complete and high-quality service but also a safe, economical, aesthetic functional choice to reduce the damage due to seismic forces or wind on a structure.

The extensive experience in construction of our engineering team leads to proactive and ethical work. Our motto, "quality first customer first" means we provide customers with unique products according to their needs and requests.

New products, safety technology, and excellent quality service, are currently available from our offices in Manila and Cebu in the Philippines, and Chengdu, Shanghai and Kunming in mainland China..We also work in cooperation with mainland Chinese universities (Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, Kunming University of Technology).

Our company actively evolution, in addition to the original cause of the body , We also cooperate with the national high-speed computer center (ITRI) , to ensure product quality, as well as with a TAF certified laboratory to test our products. Subsequently we are able to give you the best product quality assurance.

Business philosophy

  •  To uphold sound pragmatic philosophy, and adhere to the "true faith, high quality, high efficiency" of sustainable development.
  •  To meet our customer needs, provide professional advice, innovative technology, and offer the best quality service.
  •  Diversification planning and design, tailored to customer needs , and provide better professional advice.