Space Truss / Membrane Structures /Structural Glass

Space Truss

A space truss is a lightweight, rigid structure. It typically consists of multi-directional struts in a geometrical three-dimensional structure that can withstand the tension and compression loads from each direction.

There are three types of trusses: plane, curved spatial, and flat space trusses. The advantages of trusses are that they are lightweight and can be designed in a variety of shapes.


  • 1. The products are light and stable; flexible design can fit any space.
  • 2. Has excellent structural , It can be used with a large roof span and fit the shape of a structure.
  • 3. It lends a sense of modern art to a structure, and can be designed in a variety of styles. It can be combined with the system design, to create varied styles.
  • 4. Customized design according to owner’s preference.

Membrane Structures

 Membrane structure is a new form of building from the mid 20th century. A combination of of high-strength film material (PVC or Teflon) and the reinforcing member (steel, steel columns, or cable) form a covering structurethat can withstand the external load of the structure.


1. Being lightweight and available in many shapes, it can be used with a large span and special shape of a structure.

2. It’s easy to manufacture, can be prefabricated, and be done without welding. Available in a wide range of colors. It can effectively shorten the construction period.

3. Self-cleaning; Covered in a special coating to keep it clean; Washed by rain; Maintenance costs are reduced.

4. Energy saving: indoor reflective effect and translucence of light reduce electricity.

5. Membranes of different properties used according to need. Ex: acid resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance.

 Structural glass system

Structural glass system is a kind of frameless tempered glass building material. It can be used for the building's roof, walls, interior partitions, and interior space. Buildings stand out as a landmark.

The transparency of glass can expand or highlight the sense of space by visually make the interior seem brighter and more spacious.

It makes spaces seem unique, artistic, and stylish.

To reduce the stress due to external load caused by repeated focus, claws and glass joints use damper materials.

It can be designed and planned in accordance with the requirements of owners.


  1. It is unique, of high quality, and available in different designs, including logos.
  2. It increases the permeability of the building, and displays the building in a three-dimensional way.
  3. The use of special mechanisms and technologygreatly enhance the safety of the system.
  4. To reduce the stress due to external load caused by repeated focus, claws and glass joints use damper materials.