Device Isolation

Nowadays people can not live without access to information all year-round twenty-four hours a day. However, when an earthquake occurr without warning, irreparable damage to equipment due to shock is often caused. In addition, some high-tech research and manufacturing companies usinghigh-precision instruments, or companies involved with items of cultural or historical value also suffer.

Therefore, damping is important for these instruments, equipment, and artifacts. The concept that damping has more than just economic benefits has gradually been emerging, and that the integrity of original equipment can be maintained.


Bearing Isolator Features

  1. The curvature or inclination of the bearing isolator can be adjusted to decrease the isolator displacement amount.
  2. 2. The bearing isolator has an isolation seismic and micro vibration energy function.
  3. 3. The bearing isolator’s simple structure is suitable for use in light auxiliary equipment isolation. (E.g.: display cabinets, medical facilities, computer rooms and sensitive equipment).
  4. 4. It does not affect the normal operation of machines during construction.
  5. 5. It’s functional for a long term, stable, and maintenance free. In addition, the construction period is short.
  6. 6. After an earthquake, the pendulum isolator displays hardly any residual displacement.