Yielding Type Damper – Buckling Restrained Brace (BRB)


  • A BRB is a structural brace in a building. It consists of the main force element (or core element), the lateral support element (or casing), and delamination element (or slide element).. The lateral support element prevents the main force element from buckling under axial compression. To avoid the axial force from being transmitted to the lateral support element, the main force element and lateral support element of the interface must be covered by a layer delamination material.
  • A BRB can effectively absorb seismic energy and reduce displacement by seismic forces.
  • BRBs have full-hysteresis loops The graph not only failed to shrink beam intensity reduction phenomenon , and at the same time retains rigidity, strength, and a high energy dissipation capacity.
  • BRBs show a steady hysteretic behavior which make them suitable as a structural vibration energy dissipation element.